Which RV or Camper is Your Best Fit

Vacation is that time in a particular month or year where you are able to do something out of the ordinary things that you do. Like going out to the beach with friends or family, going somewhere you have always dreamed of going but was not able to because of the work that you had. Or you could go on a camping trip with your family and enjoy the outdoors. The thought may not fit well enough with your kids, especially the teenagers, but it is an idea that is always worth the consideration. They may have a change of heart once in the area; seeing the wilderness in its most natural state can have that effect on kids.

The problem is finding the most suitable vehicles to take when driving your family across the country. It would be fun to entertain the thought of have a recreational vehicle at your disposal or you very own wilderness cabin, at least. But not everyone has it, and not everyone can afford renting one. Even when you are just planning to use it over the weekend, the rentals are very costly. In addition, you may as well need to spend some other things on and that is too much to bear at times. This could postpone any plans that you have in store for your family.Campers - pop up or fixed

A good option however is a pop up camper. It has all the luxury that you need and want present in a recreational vehicle and the comforts of a home that you may have in a cabin in the woods at a cheaper price. It is an all in one package that your family will surely enjoy without the need to dig in deep into your pockets.

This kind of car is very convenient and yet very solid. It does not have any drawbacks, as long as you keep it clean and well maintained. It comes as a trailer type of vehicle which can be easily attached to the rear bumper of your car. Any type of car will do, so, you do not have to worry about anything like that.

Its excel version is quite different though, but it still has some similarities. Its durability in spite of its size is still present; it is the staple advantage of any pop up camper compared to the likes of a recreational vehicle. The difference with this one is that its full sized tent can be folded especially during travel. This is necessary in order to minimize the space needed during the actual journey. It is usually stored at the trailer base of the compartment.

Once you arrive at the destination, your first task is to set the full size tent up. First step is to unfold the canvass in order to have the main component for the tent out in the open. Next is to assemble the tent. In this regard, you need to use the metal rods. You do not have to worry in finding one because it is already provided for.

The ceiling of the pop up camper can accommodate up to six feet and four inches, which is about average for anyone. The length of the bed is a little bit over six inches. Considering, it may still not be a problem because if you curl, you might still fit in. But it still would not be uncomfortable since you just have to curl a little and since the nights are cold, you would do it anyway. This is just a needed push in case you needed one.RV traveling

The original model, which is known as Cycle, is larger than the Excel model. It measures to about eleven inches giving you a little bit more room to move around; it makes going around the place a little bit easier. In addition, it can be space in which you can sit and just enjoy the view of nature around you.

The original model also comes with areas with screened windows. These could be turned into an awning if you wanted to. This can provide an area where they can at on a picnic table for a good afternoon snack.

Racks can also be created at some part of the pop up camper. It is the best place to fit anything such as bicycle, if you needed one.

If you need a ride that bad once you plan on a camping trip, yet you do not have the cash to rent recreational vehicle, this camper is the best alternative. You can never go wrong with it.
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