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HR 2221 Girls protection act of 2011 in Congress

obamaexecutiveFemale Genital Mutation is a form of sexual slavery where you hear that as long as a girl has undergone mutation, she is eligible for marriage in certain communities. We all should ask the REPS to co-sponsor the bill of HR 2221 girl’s protection act 2011. We are here in West Pokot to give a voice for the voiceless people. FGM is a crime in which young kids are sold into sexual slavery. This sounds painful as well as disgusting. Almost over 2, 80,000 females are at the risk of undergoing FGM. These girls are being transported to Orin and they never come back for a reason. So please do support this to save childhood.

Looking and feeling good: There’s a niche, just for you!

look goodHere is Anita Deck, a retired teacher for physically challenged adults, who always love doing sewing and interior designing. Being women, we usually want to be comfortable and productive. We used to see this while considering the clothes we were often and the rooms we use frequently. On having this in mind, Anita has created a line of garments that has resistance from wrinkles but still comfortable. This type of garment is best suitable for today’s active lifestyle. Her designs include jackets, formal wear, vests, shawls, skirts, slacks, etc. She admitted that her designs travel well and so too does. Room makeovers are another dynamic talent of her, where she puts in her concepts of fun, affordability, comfort and functionality.

Truth Is Compromised In War

testamentMost do not realize that the Bible is a war tool. It is the war tool against the world. These religious people want to take a new land and new people. This has to be done through force. They picked those who Gentiles to bring about victory. This is the way of the Bible, informs Imam W D Mohammed. Earlier there were times for perfect things. Get ready for the talk show where Faheem Shuaibe shares his experience and give insights on what the Bible has to say about war. He also speaks on how the Bible is used as a tool for war.