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Will Stanton On The Six Dimension Model Of Education

teacherWill Stanton is a popular name in the education industry who has worked with Katmandu government schools and primary sections in Melbourne. Will lost all hope in the traditional educational system and quit the university in 2014 and started to work to create life-changing education programs for the next generation learners. To mark his journey in this new direction, he has written a book named Education Revolution and has turned into a contributor for some media houses. This he does in a hope to carry his message far and wide. He wants to promote his latest educational model across the globe.

Transform Your Life with One Question

body-mind-and-soul-e1455934166117Let us welcome Gail Jessen, founder and chief adventurer at A Series of Adventures. Being a coach, she helps people to change their life by asking them one simple question. The question is “how do you want to feel”. She concentrates on permission, freedom and clarity. She encourages people to transform and help them by choosing their own adventure. The greatest opportunity that helps you to transform and reach your destinations is the misalignments and the stuck points. You need to be ambitious and core specific with the desired feelings rather than focusing on outcomes. She concludes by saying that you have all the permission to feel the way you want. Saying yes or no depends on your wish and not by anyone else.

Boundaries, Are they holding you back

12-chain breakHealthy boundaries are nothing but to know where to start, stop and the quantity of energy we have used within the given period of time. Being human and spiritual beings, we always receive, give, block, and allow breathe in and breathe out. Our boundaries are often set by the subconscious and reactive patterns to which we are used to from our childhood. We are brought up in such a way that following rules are seen as the good and most appreciated habit. We are also fearful that others may see or come to know the truth about us. Another important habit is controlling. We have different forms which we don’t show up to others ad we always control them.