Will Stanton On The Six Dimension Model Of Education

teacherWill Stanton is a popular name in the education industry who has worked with Katmandu government schools and primary sections in Melbourne. Will lost all hope in the traditional educational system and quit the university in 2014 and started to work to create life-changing education programs for the next generation learners. To mark his journey in this new direction, he has written a book named Education Revolution and has turned into a contributor for some media houses. This he does in a hope to carry his message far and wide. He wants to promote his latest educational model across the globe.

Rauni Kilde On Unchartered Waters

Freelance-WritersDr. Rauni Kilde is renowned for writing controversial topics hardly reported in the media. She is a retired MD and was an acting Surgeon General in Finland. Rauni is the wife of Norwegian diplomat who spends most of the time in the United States. She says that Americans are betrayed by their elected leaders, and the population is awakening to this fact. Not just the elected leaders by elected officials. The anger is increasing and burning in America which is being exposed to the public for the very first time. This exposure could be beyond imagination. Catch Rauni’s interview on the show.

Truth Is Compromised In War

testamentMost do not realize that the Bible is a war tool. It is the war tool against the world. These religious people want to take a new land and new people. This has to be done through force. They picked those who Gentiles to bring about victory. This is the way of the Bible, informs Imam W D Mohammed. Earlier there were times for perfect things. Get ready for the talk show where Faheem Shuaibe shares his experience and give insights on what the Bible has to say about war. He also speaks on how the Bible is used as a tool for war.