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Manifesting 1,2,3

123Ken Elliot is a writer and an artist from Castle Rock Colorado. He is more successful for over 25 years as both an artist as well as a writer. The very famous book of him called “Manifesting 123… “is a remarkable work of him. The book holds all new information and makes the process of manifesting very simple. The book offers a simple tool to deal with your negative thoughts ad worries. You need not try to empower the negative thoughts. You just go to the workshop and start to throw yourself to happiness. Do your work regularly and one day you will definitely get the reward one day or another.

Steve Danks On Free America.

CL2JRlrUYAAeLOpThe allegations on the US are it is acting disrespecting the law, interfering with the sovereignty of other nations and disregarding the US Constitution. Steve Danks complaints about the activities of the government calling it a criminal government. He says the American people are submissive to the government they have put to power. Steve Danks lists out various happenings in the past that does not involve Americans but yet were turned into enemies of the people. The author exposed in his book Mystery Babylon, the drug activities of Mossad and Sr George Bush. Never donate anything to the traitors, instead, strive to make a last free American informs Danks.

Importance Of Education Equality

20150305PHT31673_landscape_600_300This September, Dr. Jordan Shapiro Ph.D. who teaches at the Intellectual Heritage Program at the Temple University in Philadelphia will be featured in the show. He is also the Associate Director of Digital Innovation for the College of Liberal Arts. His names top the Forbes’ popular global education columnist, game oriented learning, culture and kids. He is internationally a renowned speaker and is an education technology consultant. He also counsels on school reforms combing psychology and how on 21st-century child rearing. Jordon has penned an article for the Forbes provoking us to rethink on the meaning of education. Join us for an enlightening discussion on the importance of education equality.