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Polygyny, Infidelity, and Multiple Girlfriends: What’s The Difference

Recently, a question was asked about Islam’s acceptance and approval of Polygyny during the interfaith panel’s discussion on wedding. The statement was that “when your holy book tells men to cheat their wives, and you can have up to four women, how you could say you’re moral”. There is a unique difference between unfaithfulness, Polygyny and having multiple girlfriends. The society permits infidelity and multiple lovers, but bans Polygyny. As people didn’t know the difference between these things, today we are here to discuss these issues. The real purpose for Polygyny as given in the Holy Quran is to compensate the larger reduction of men during the war making many widows and orphans. War, illness and prison time have led to a large reduction of men in this time.

Therapy For Traumatized Kids

Trauma can affect an individual, and the scars remain for long. Children carry the burden for the remainder of their lives. But there are other possibilities to remove the trauma from their lives. Some therapists can guide you through the path of recovery. We will be speaking to Anne Maxwell, reputed child therapist. The discussion will be on kids and their trauma. Anne is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, trained in LSCW. She is a registered play therapist. She has to her credit some bestselling best on the subject. She is a renowned international speaker. Children call her the ‘play lady.’ Meanwhile, her colleagues call her ‘kid whisperer.’

Culture And Religion Transmitted Through Ancestral Blood

Western Blacks in the have their roots in Africa. They have either migrated or forced to leave Africa. Though they carried with them their culture and religion. The black people have always identified with their roots in Africa. This they express in a unique fashion. Their expression is based on Ancestral Religious practice. These people do not encourage dependence with those other than their ancestral blood. This act legalizes their religious practices. On the whole, it may not be possible at all times. Studying in Africa does not deliver the ancestral knowledge. The cultural and religious knowledge cannot be transmitted through education.