Monthly Archive: April 2016

Culture And Religion Transmitted Through Ancestral Blood

Western Blacks in the have their roots in Africa. They have either migrated or forced to leave Africa. Though they carried with them their culture and religion. The black people have always identified with their roots in Africa. This they express in a unique fashion. Their expression is based on Ancestral Religious practice. These people do not encourage dependence with those other than their ancestral blood. This act legalizes their religious practices. On the whole, it may not be possible at all times. Studying in Africa does not deliver the ancestral knowledge. The cultural and religious knowledge cannot be transmitted through education.

Just Breathe and live simply, moment by moment.

loversJust Breathe is a retreat for your soul with all pure intentions. We are very happy and pleasured to welcome Founders Nancy Feth and Diahana Barnes. She just wanted us to be still and receive the breath for a moment. Here, we are to simplify our lives and create clarity she says. She wanted us to leave the past and embrace the present. She doesn’t want us to be afraid of future. She has asked us to do what we love. She said, “connect your spirit for love, light, and guidance”. She wants us to embrace the gift of choice and focus on the power of breath and bring the awareness to this present moment with mindfulness in service of simplicity and honor.

Learn About Marketing Strategies Of Pk-12

new ideasThe financial crisis for the pk-12 schools is over as their purchasing power increases. These schools follow CCSS (Common Core State Standards) and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). All these standards put emphasis on the depth of understanding and conveying information required for students to construct their knowledge. Institutions are going beyond the education label to meet the standard searching for the fundamental structure to execute the new standards. States that refuse to follow CCSS have changed their focus. On the Talk show, we will present seasoned marketing experts of pK-12 who have followed their trends and speak about the changes in the marketplace.