Daily Archive: April 4, 2016

Boundaries, Are they holding you back

12-chain breakHealthy boundaries are nothing but to know where to start, stop and the quantity of energy we have used within the given period of time. Being human and spiritual beings, we always receive, give, block, and allow breathe in and breathe out. Our boundaries are often set by the subconscious and reactive patterns to which we are used to from our childhood. We are brought up in such a way that following rules are seen as the good and most appreciated habit. We are also fearful that others may see or come to know the truth about us. Another important habit is controlling. We have different forms which we don’t show up to others ad we always control them.

Rauni Kilde On Unchartered Waters

Freelance-WritersDr. Rauni Kilde is renowned for writing controversial topics hardly reported in the media. She is a retired MD and was an acting Surgeon General in Finland. Rauni is the wife of Norwegian diplomat who spends most of the time in the United States. She says that Americans are betrayed by their elected leaders, and the population is awakening to this fact. Not just the elected leaders by elected officials. The anger is increasing and burning in America which is being exposed to the public for the very first time. This exposure could be beyond imagination. Catch Rauni’s interview on the show.